Charitable Giving

Planned giving

Do you have a need for increased income?
Do you have an appreciated asset that will trigger a large capital gain if you sell?
Are you interested in reducing your income and estate taxes?
Do you have beneficiaries you need to protect?
Are you charitably inclined?

At Lob Planning Group, we can help you coordinate these needs with your retirement planning and asset management. We can help you implement a variety of tax-advantaged planning and giving strategies that prove that giving and receiving need not be mutually exclusive. Whether it’s through the creation of a charitable lead or remainder trust, a wealth replacement trust, a charitable gift annuity or the establishment of a donor advised fund, we can help you work toward your goals. Let us help you.

LPL Registered Representatives are not engaged in providing legal advice. Please seek the assistance of a qualified legal advisor for the creation of trusts and legal documents.