Divorce Planning

A sense of well-being for today and tomorrow

Emotional turmoil, combined with financial uncertainty, makes divorce a challenging process at best. At Lob Planning Group we can help you plan the next stages of your life.

We have deep empathy for the emotional challenges you are experiencing and will help you navigate the complex financial issues you are facing. Partnered with your legal team, we can assess the property settlements, maintenance and child support proposals that are in your best interest. Our team will look at near and longer-term scenarios, explain your options, help set priorities and guide you through the complex and difficult choices ahead.

We can support you in traditional, mediated, and collaborative divorce processes.

Plan for life after divorce:

  • Will you have enough income?
  • Can you maintain your lifestyle?
  • What are your priorities?

We address:

  • Current Situation Analysis
  • Long Term Planning
  • Proposal and Settlement Analysis
  • Post-Divorce Financial Management